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Stick It Wear?! is an art & fashion studio based in Orange County, California. It is founded by Joe Durica, a fine artist and designer from Chicago, Illinois.

As a creative, Joe is always searching for a deeper context of relation. Extending that further, there came a time where he chronicled his youth growing up in the Midwest in addition to compiling years of being involved in various sports with deep histories.

Stick It Wear?! was born out of the inventory of those memories and then expressed with bold graphics onto select apparel pieces. He noticed that body movements carried signatures that many of us remember long after seasons pass. Simplifying those movements to near stick-like application allowed a focus on the body’s architecture. He then added a dash of personality with his unique visual style.

Remember the ease of growing up, watching our sports heroes from afar and then copying their every move? Over and over and over? So do I.

For me, music has always been a powerful tool for rekindling positive memories. I also found that sports also carried heavy nostalgia and the power to heal. I often would go into my memory banks to when I was a kid to feel the rich purity of competition, movement and elation. It was there that the simple sounds of a ball bouncing on a particular surface or the way a player moved that had me in a trance, and feeling good.

Through the filter of youth and innocence, we collectively viewed major athletes as super-heroes who walked among us. And there was a naive comfort in that, where we connected. Stick It Wear?! is an exploration of identifying those forms of performance that made us feel good. I put these stylized forms onto quality tees and sweatshirts so they are fashionably easy to wear and are simple reminders that stay close to your heart.