Stick It There.

I grew up in a diehard sports town called Chicago.

During my youth, other than a mid 80’s pro football championship, the Windy City experienced loss after loss with all of its sports teams. One major league baseball team was often referred to as the ‘Lovable Losers’ on most nightly news casts. Since the city placed a lot of value on sports, this had a profound effect on its denizens. 

At that time in the late 80s and early 90s, Chicago entered a creative boon with the advent of House and Industrial/EBM music. A little bit later during the hot summers, the city was then baptized with six basketball championships and one of the greatest athletes ever, bringing each campaign to form and changing sporting culture forever. A zeitgeist had flowed out of the Midwest.

For many a city, the momentary celebration would be just that. However, I noticed how the procedural victories had lasting effects of enhancing the esteem of the city and its fans. Myself included. That is when I understood the influence of sports.

As a fine artist and designer looking for personal content to express, there came a time where I wanted to assess the relationship to my youth, in addition to my years of being involved in various sports with deep histories.

Stick It Wear?! was born out of that assessment. I noticed that body movements carried signatures that many of us remember long after seasons pass. Simplifying those movements allowed me to focus on the body’s architecture and then express it’s complicated signatures through a vernacular of my own.

Without sport's commercial cues, I felt free to match these abstractions with great fitting essential apparel that reflects that elegance of movement. Also having gone through the 90s wearing oversized jerseys as expressions of fashion, I felt the need to create a simpler item that professed a matured love of sporting culture.




Pic taken in front of personal painting: 
'Entering the Province of Heaven'
Oil on canvas
72 x 72"