Artfully reframing competition through the lens of premium graphic tops,
as told by an artist and fan.
Each piece of apparel is treated as a unique piece of art.
Each design is hand labored onto amazing fit tops.
Fitting all the winning pieces, so that you can relax in your victories.
Like that of your favorite Icon. From Hero to Icon.

It starts with a dream.

We all have signature moves. Some are more known than others. Some transcend the arena and live within us, waiting for other generations to hear the tale of what it was like to be there. To witness. 

Joe Durica artfully simplifies those movements. And these modern athletic gestures are then placed on designer essentials, achieving the hallmarks of pro sports level achievement:

elegance, grace, simplicity, with comfort waiting at the trophy ceremony.

This is the smart fan's smart shirt...

going From Hero to Icon



For some, it may take a moment or two to comprehend the visuals herein. They are thought out. Intense as the competition is long. 

There are no short cuts. The victory lap is the culmination of a brutal journey. Stick It Wear?! illustrates the stories beyond the traditional numbered jersey.

Great art can be easy to dismiss. Because it makes it look simple. 

Take a moment longer. And witness the simplified gestures of a breath taken before a shot release. Or the tension in the neck as a match point is nigh.