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DOWNHILL RACER original painting



mixed media on canvas
30 x 48"

Joe Durica, artist



For many, the aspect of going downhill on any type of vehicle seems rather thrilling. If the speed exceeds the ability to control the path, that thrill ride can instantly turn to terror.

This metaphor can extend itself to our perceived paths in life as well.

Like an ebb and flow to the ocean’s tides, we also have cycles. The ‘going uphill’ cycle may seem difficult and arduous. While to most others, going downhill may seem light and breezy. Then, life comes in and flips the script on all of the above. This piece describes one such cycle.

‘Downhill Racer’ is comprised of two canvases that meet in the center. The top canvas however, is positioned a 1/4” higher than its bottom half, never forming true congruency. In addition to the physical disparity, there is a graphic yellow line serving as an echo. This adventure now has turned into a forced separation. Man vs. Himself and Man vs Environment. As the speed increases so does the destruction.

The ego will be undone.



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