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ALL STARS original painting



acrylic, enamel & wood on canvas
42 x 62"

Joe Durica, artist



Front and center, this painting features an inverted negative image of a soccer forward dribbling a ball from the viewers left to right. Right behind him is a defender trying to steal such ball.

I used this sporting metaphor for role playing in the game of life.

As with most contests, the measured goal is to win by having a higher point total. In the game of life, what are we trying to win? What are we trying to get to? I was once a starting forward and now I am on the bench. Or the opposite. How did that happen? How does that affect my identity? Who am I and what position do I play in this life?

The alternating red and green lines in the painting form a convex pattern toward the viewer, slightly indicating spokes in a wheel in which the players remain in the center. As the great wheel of life turns, the players may change, but do the questions? Or the answers? A meditation.




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