ERER First Serve Tennis Tee


“This shirt is so comfortable that you will reaching for it again and again without thinking.” Truly, the smart fan’s smart shirt.

Going beyond traditional fan wear and into sports-fashion attire, the First Serve Tennis Tee will keep you stylish as you go. Marrying art and sports, the shirt is simply designed with an abstracted tennis figure graphic carefully tracking the ball. It then has an elegant finish with designer level materials and branding residing at the hem.

Each tee is hand screened with plastisol inks ensuring image durability and vintage long term wear. 


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An elite athlete, ERER is an all-court, all-around player known for his speed, fluid style of play, and exceptional shot making. ERER mainly plays from the baseline but is also comfortable at the net, being one of the best volleyers in the game. He has a powerful, accurate smash and very effectively performs rare elements of professional tennis, such as the backhand smash and skyhook, half-volley, jump smash (slam dunk) and an aggressive serve return.

ERER is also known for his efficient, deceptively effortless movement around the court. He also has great variety with his forehand, able to hit with topspin or pace (or both), thus opening up the court and going in to the forecourt for aggressive volleys.


Lightweight 3.8 oz.
Premium feel
No shrink blend
50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon
Athletic fit
Unisex sizing
Hand screened by artisans


Crew Neck Tee S M L XL XXL
Body Length 28 in. 29 30 31 32
Body Width 18 20 22 24 26
Sleeve Length 8.25 8.63 9.13 9.63 10.25

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