No 65 BLUE Oversized Custom Denim Hockey Jacket


Embraced with open arms for decades, the timelessness of the beloved jean jacket undergoes a professional hockey league treatment. The gritty boardbusting on-ice aesthetic has been injected with rock-n-roll and graffiti style elements.

Each piece begins its hand-made process as a previously worn vintage jacket that is rigorously removed of any contaminants. It is then submerged in several dye baths or liberally bleached to reach desired ground coloration. Sports striping is hand painted in multiple layers and is then screened with various imagery and typography particular to the theme. Stamped on the inside with personal branding, each jacket receives a screened hockey player print direct from Joe Durica’s sketch book. Professional grade sports numbers are stitched onto the jacket which then receives another color harmonizing final dye bath.

This reboot echoes hockey jersey wearing hip-hop mashed with American rock to create a bold streetwear piece. 

  • High-quality, previously-worn, true vintage jacket
  • Farmers style oversized 90s denim
  • Suitable for layering a hoody or crew sweat underneath 
  • 100% cotton
  • Painted metal closures
  • 2 front chest pockets, 2 large side entry pockets
  • Adjustable back tabs
  • All hand adorned elements

Please check your sizing. No refunds or returns.